István Gyebnár,
Diplomat and Fine Artist
(Budapest, 19. 12. 1961 - )

With the encouragement of his mother, the painter and graphic artist, Gizella Fejes, István Gyebnár was introduced to fine arts as a student of the acclaimed Hungarian sculptor, Mrs. Zsuzsa Lóránt, during his high-school years. As a member of the Fine Art Circle of István Dési Huber he studied drawing and participated in a number of exhibitions. His master is the fine artist Éva Bednay (Eve B'ay) whose work influenced him from his early childhood. He has been influenced by the Hungarian artists András Rác, Marianne Benkö, Dezső Bednay, Géza Bene and Ignác Kokas, too.
1986 he graduated from the University of Economics, Faculty International Relations in Budapest. In 1995 he was awarded the title "Doctor of University" (PhD). After his graduation he entered the Hungarian Foreign Service and since then he followed a diplomatic career.
Mr. Gyebnar looks for ways to make connections between arts and diplomacy. He uses both to improve human contacts. Over the years he lived in different European capitals: Berlin, Vienna, London, The Hague and Tbilisi. He visited many great museums and also had the opportunity to acquaint himself with Asian and South-American cultures and artistic techniques. 
During his travels he became an enthusastic photographer. Photography serves to enrich his artistic expression.
He exhibited his oil-paintings, oil-pastels and photographs in a number of European capitals (e.g. Goethe Institut, Rotterdam, 2009). Special expressive forms and bright colours are typical of his mostly abstract, yet in many cases figurative works. His artworks convey special messages, associations and sentiments strongly related to the world we live in.